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American redware and earthenware

Books on US redware and earthenware:

Redware: America's Folk Art Pottery

American Redware

Central Pennsylvania Redware Pottery, 1780-1904

From Mud to Jug: The Folk Potters and Pottery of Northeast Georgia

Norton Stoneware and American Redware: The Bennington Museum Collection

Slipped and Glazed: Regional American Redware

North American pottery - mixed

American salt-glazed stoneware >>>>

UK redware

English Border Ware

Crockery - Brown earthen pans are said to be best for milk and for cooking. Tin pans are lighter, and more convenient, but are too cold for many purposes. Tall earthen jars, with covers, are good to hold butter, salt, lard, etc. Acids should never be put into the red earthen ware, as there is a poisonous ingredient in the glazing which the acid takes off. Stone ware is better and stronger, and safer every way than any other kind.
Catharine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe, The American Woman's Home, 1869

A Nottingham-ware pot, with a lid, to hold a gallon or two, is very useful; especially if you have an oven: it does well to make a stew or soup, on which I shall give you a hint presently.
Esther Copley, Cottage Comforts, 1841

General UK household pottery resources

English stoneware

UK tin-glazed pottery, English delftware

Glossary of pottery terms

fingers marking grooves round plate with sharp stone

>>>> American redware - rare beauty from red clay?

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